The Foundation for a Smokefree America invites HVAC/R Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers to partner in a new Indoor Air Quality campaign which will increase sales and build stronger public awareness of available IAQ solutions.

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The Foundation for a Smokefree America invites you to become a partner in Breathe Easy, our new Indoor Air Quality campaign to increase public awareness about the benefits of improved IAQ.

Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers who sign on as our partners in the new campaign will benefit from increased sales of IAQ products and services, and increase both credibility and goodwill with new and existing customers.

Patrick Reynolds, President of the Foundation for a Smokefree America, says, "Poor Indoor Air Quality is a serious health threat. At present there is low public awareness of proven IAQ solutions that are available. Working together, we can change that."

Since 1989, the Foundation for a Smokefree America has helped millions of youth and adults quit or not start smoking. The Foundation now wants to promote IAQ awareness through partnerships with HVAC/R Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers.

Contractors know an HVAC system can significantly reduce particulate, microbes and vocs/odors, utilizing proven IAQ technologies. They are in a unique position to educate their customers. Partnering with us will help improve IAQ in apartments, homes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, and in government and commercial buildings.

By introducing proven IAQ products and services, Contractors can further provide a valuable service, while increasing sales and credibility with customers. It's a win-win-win, for your customers, for your company, and for public health. Join us!

About the Campaign

Our press release goes into detail about the new partnerships available between the Foundation and the HVAC/R trade. It was distributed to HVAC Trade publications and associations such as the ACCA.

Who We Are

Gary Moody is Director of the Foundation of a Smokefree America's new partner program for the HVAC industry. Patrick Reynolds is Executive Director of the Foundation. Learn more about our team here.

Becoming a Partner

The Foundation’s guideline for Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers for partnering. Annual business revenue will determine the cost. Major sponsor opportunities are available for manufacturers.


Contact: Gary Moody

West Palm Beach, FL 33404